A small charity has a big impact

All donations over $2 is tax-deductible

By donating towards these projects, you will be making a difference in the lives of many.
The One Banner Project has embarked on a mission to help those in desperate need for the sake of Allah. The One Banner Project team don’t work scheduled hours, but work whenever a desperate cry is heard.
Share in the reward with us by donating to one of our projects!


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Our aim is to provide emergency relief and assistance to individuals and families in Australia and overseas.
We provide emergency relief in Australia such as food hampers, meat hampers, emergency accommodation, general household items, rent assistance, assistance with utility bills, Islamic sponsorship at local masjids or Islamic centres for children who come from a single parent household and threshold is low.

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Sadaqah/General Donation

Sadaqah is a charity donation you can pay at any time of the year. Donate your Sadaqah to help the orphans, widows and disadvantaged families and individuals.
Your Sadaqah Donation is used for many projects providing aid and relief through; education, housing, food, water, and medical programs in Australia,Indonesia, Lebanon and the Philippines.

“Have they not come to know that Allah is He who accepts repentance from His slaves and accepts Sadaqa (charity) and that Allah is Most-Relenting, Very-Merciful”.

(At-Tawbah 9:104)

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Bank Account details:
Account Name: The One Banner Project
BSB: 012220
Account Number: 425545065

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Account Name: The One Banner Project Incorporated
BSB: 012220
Account Number: 425545065

Can mail us a cheque to PO BOX 88 Blaxcell NSW 2168

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Orphan Appeal

Livelihood Program

Aqeeqah /General Sacrifice

Revert Assistance

Zakat al Maal + fitr

Sadaqah Jariyah

Disadvantaged & Needy Support

Orphanage Financial Assistance Program

Widow Sponsorship

Ramadan Iftar Meals

Food Distribution Disadvantaged Families

Educational Sponsorship

Charitable Container / Emergency Aid

Medical & Health Assistance

Fedya and Kaffarah

Charitable Container / Emergency Aid

Medical & Health Assistance

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